Everything You Need to Know About Selecting a Modern Vanity Wash Basin with Cabinet

Everything You Need to Know About Selecting a Modern Vanity Wash Basin with Cabinet

You have endless options to choose from when it comes to choosing a vanity wash basin for your new home or any renovation project. But the process of selecting the right one that fits perfectly in your washroom can be laborious.

While you pick this home decor unit, you have to consider several factors, such as size, shape, cost, functionality, etc. You may choose a modern wash basin with cabinet if you have sufficient space. Else, you can go for a wall hung vanity for a minimalist look in a narrow space.

This blog will guide you through this complex road of selecting the perfect vanity wash basin for your home or office complex. But first, here is a brief account of the vanity unit.


Vanity is a sanitary ware unit that contains a wash basin along with a storage unit. The cabinet serves multiple functions. Besides offering a storage facility in the bathroom and holding the vanity, it also hides the plumbing.

An ordinary man may not prioritize the vanity wash basin unit during the washroom design, but experts and interior designers are well aware of its importance. A stylish modern wash basin with cabinet alone can transform the look of the entire interior.



Although there are plethoras of vanity unit varieties to choose from, not every vanity unit will seem perfect in every bathroom.

So, before you proceed to choose the right design and colour for the vanity, consider the available space in your bathroom. Choosing a vanity basin of the wrong size might ruin the aesthetic while causing a lot of inconvenience at the same time.

The first task in your to-do-list of vanity selection is to calculate the bathroom area. Yes, you need to perform this mandatory step before purchasing the bathroom furniture and accessories.

Then, decide how much space you will need for a modern wash basin with cabinet. Check if your preferred unit design is compatible with the bathroom size and your requirements.

Next, go through the options for mounting the vanity wash basin unit. A wall-hung or floating unit is perfect for the modern appearance of the bathroom. Despite being a traditional choice, a freestanding vanity provides a fair amount of space for the whole family.

If you have a small area to spare for a vanity, you can choose a corner-mounted vanity that you can install at the corner of the bathroom.


The modern wash basin with cabinet will enhance your interior glamour on one condition, and that is placement. It is crucial to choose a spot for the vanity where it won’t block the door or cause inconvenience during movement of users.

Accessibility for cleaning is another factor you have to keep in mind. The whole aesthetics will be ruined if you can not easily clean the vanity and its surrounding areas. Also, make sure the vanity has enough space around the mirror to look well.


While taking care of these structural aspects, do not forget the colour palettes. Choosing the right colour and hue will significantly uplift the mood of the whole ambience. Having vanities with neutral colours will keep the bathroom looking trendy both today and tomorrow.

Such colours will also allow you to add bold elements to the surrounding space. With contrasting tiles, your bathroom will get a sleek look. For a chic look, you can also get colours like white, black, and grey.


  • Carbon Fibre: If you choose a vanity unit made of carbon fibre, there will be no risk of colour fading. This material is not only 10x stronger than the Aluminium, it is also 100% water & moisture proof. Its hinges are usually made of stainless steel and the whole vanity is fire resistant.

  • Stainless Steel: Vanities made of stainless steel are not only aesthetically Luxurious, but they are famous for preventing rust. With these lightweight vanities, you do not have to worry about colour fading.

  • High Density Board: Another common material used to manufacture vanity is high density board. Thanks to its unique marble finish, the board-made vanity will always look trendy. Being completely moisture and water resistant, it has no chance of colour fading.

  • Wood: Manufacturers like Mozio always use the premium quality wood for a vanity unit. Thus the product offers great strength. Moreover, these vanities are available in a wide range of colours.

  • High Grade PVC: Vanities made of PVC are also 100% water & moisture proof. It has a large variety of colours to choose from with no risk of faded colour. These vanities are also economical compared to other products.


Once you have determined the right size and space for the wash basin, it is time to choose the design. Here we have some vanity designs and tips on which one to choose according to your needs.

Pedestal Sink: This sink or vanity is also known as free standing sink. It does not come with any particular storage facility. However, its elegant look will make your bathroom stylish and posh. This sink is suitable with any kind of bathroom. Therefore, you can install it to establish any theme on your bathroom.

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  • Free Standing Vanity: Many of the functional features of free-standing vanity are similar to a pedestal sink. However, this vanity is available in a square or rectangular shape that supports one or two sinks. As it offers a variety of design choices and finishes, it is great for commercial and residential space. Most of these vanities are typically made of Wood materials, but you may notice the use of ceramic items around the top areas.

Wall Mount/ Floating Vanity: If you have to add a vanity in a small or limited space, this design is what you should be looking for in the market. It is directly mounted onto the bathroom wall. This vanity offers a neat and clean finish. Since it has no connection with the floor, the maintenance and cleaning become seamless.


Top Mount Wash Basin Vanity: In this type of vanity, the wash basin is mounted on top of the counter to provide the vanity unit a lavish look. Like other vanities, it has a storage at its bottom. This vanity is usually made of high-grade PVC, which is 100% water and moisture proof. This is a mainstream style, and is a great choice for large suites and bathrooms with minimalist designs. They are available in both wall mounted and floor mounted styles.


Under Mount Wash Basin Vanity: here, the wash basin is built directly inside of the vanity so that you get a flat counter top.  Its rim will not be over the counter, so you can directly wipe the water from the counter to the basin. Only a part of the unit will be visible to give you a seamless look.



The bathroom is the area where you relax and spend some private time. At the same time it should also be convenient, durable and stylish. Right choice of modern wash basin with cabinet can ensure that the unit delivers the required functionality and look. You can choose your favourite vanity wash basin from Mozio available in a variety of materials like high grade PVC, wood, stainless steel, high density board and carbon fibre.

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