A Guide to Choose the Best Tiles for Rooms in 2021

A Guide to Choose the Best Tiles for Rooms in 2021

If you want to add a sleek and stylish look to your interior, getting some good quality tiles for rooms will be the ideal thing for you. Quality and durability should be your top priority while choosing the tiles, so only purchase the tile from trusted manufacturers like Mozio.

Mozio’s designer tiles are highly affordable and come in a wide range of variety. So, you don’t have to compromise on cost or design. But first of all, check out our guide on choosing the best tiles for rooms from the trending designs of the year 2021.


To make your space look classy and stylish, you will require some eye-catching designer tiles for your rooms. But not every size and style of tiles are suitable for every house. So, here are our tips on choosing the right type of tiles for your rooms in 2021.

  • When you are picking up tiles for your living room and hall, choose larger tiles. You can go with the smaller tiles for areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and guest rooms.
  • If you do not have a professional designer working on your decor, choose tiles according to your interiors. Ivory and grey are two prominent colours for floor tiles of living rooms that work well with any decor.
  • In the corridors, you get high traffic, so using tiles of dark or earthy colour will help you hide the dirt and dust.
  • While using tiles for your kitchen floors, make sure that the tiles are non-skid. You can choose Brown or Golden colour to camouflage marks of scratches and stains. When it comes to tiles finish, glossy tiles are most suitable for kitchen walls as you can clean them without any hassle.
  • Using some bright colours for bathroom floor tiles will add a new dimension to your bathroom. The floor tiles should also have a good grip, and tiles with a non-skid matte finish will be able to deliver your desired features.
  • For bathroom walls, glossy or satin-textured tiles are considered perfect for their ease of maintenance.

You should choose one of the basic colours for your terrace or roof tiles. If possible, use white tiles, which will help you reduce the room temperature.

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When purchasing tiles for your interior, you need to be mindful of their finishing.

  • If you want to have a spacious look in your interior decor, then gloss finish tiles are the best. They have a mirror-like shine that adds brightness to your home by reflecting light. It contributes to the spacious look of your rooms. However, do not have these tiles for rooms like the bathroom or kitchen, as they tend to get slippery when they are wet.
  • Matte finish tiles are not only slip-resistant. They are also non-reflective, and hence, stains or dirt will not be visible easily. If you have them in wet areas like the kitchen and bathroom, you will significantly reduce the risk of slip. You can choose tiles that have a 0.6 COF value to maximize your safety.

You also have the option to choose tiles with semi-matte or lappato finish. While being non-slippery in nature, these tiles shine brighter.


Now, let us tell you some of the trending tiles for rooms in 2021 that you can use on your interior. All the tiles are available on Mozio. Check out our catalogue to know more. 

  1. Italian Tiles

Apart from its international fame, it comes with the quality of being the best fireproof tiles. Even if there is a fire accident, the tiles will stop the spread and thus contain the file. At the same time, these tiles are eco friendly. You can also clean them without shedding your sweats due to their polished and smooth finish. These durable tiles are available in a wide variety of colours, shades, and designs.

  1. Tile Wood Design

If you are looking for some happening tiles design, tile wood is the thing for you. These are perfect for your hall or living room. It is totally different from the other tiles in terms of texture, look and feel. It will seem like made of wood, but it does not have any wood. These tiles will not expand like the original wood that would have given you a hard time after a point. Top-notch durability is its USP, and you will need minimum effort to clean these tiles.

  1. Ceramic Tiles for Living Room

For those who are searching for tiles that are long-lasting and durable, there is no better option than ceramic tiles. These tiles are available in various colours and shades. You will get two types of ceramic tiles in the market, glazed and unglazed. Glazed ceramic tiles are a familiar one that is being used widely in households. Unglazed tiles are less glossy and have a light texture on them.

  1. Marble Tiles

People who want to have a sleek look on their interior floor prefer using marble tiles. Its popularity is rapidly growing due to the elegant look it offers. That is why you will see the usage of coloured marble tiles in urban interior design. These tiles with a glossy finish can add a smooth but appealing look to your living space.

  1. Hexagonal Tiles

If you want to add some variety to your interior, you must opt for geometric tiles such as hexagonal tiles. Though you can use these tiles anywhere, most people prefer to use these on their walls. You can use hexagonal tiles of contrast colours for a marvellous effect. These tiles can be matte or glossy, but they are highly durable.


By following this guide to choose tiles for rooms, you can give a new look to your interior. Whether it is the living room, hall, or kitchen, you can always choose the best tiles from Mozio.  

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