Get Yourself Familiarize with the Types of Coloured and Designer Wash Basin

Get Yourself Familiarize with the Types of Coloured and Designer Wash Basin

An eye-catching designer wash basin can give you a luxurious feel by adding a touch of beauty to the interior. The primary function of a wash basin is to facilitate comfort and convenience; however, none can doubt that a coloured wash basin can dramatically change the whole aesthetic of the area. But, you cannot install any random wash basin in your home or office or even any commercial space. There is a need to consider the available space and the plumbing set. Here is our guide to the types of wash basin that will assist in planning your dream decor.


If you consider the raw material, wash basins are made of three different materials. These are:

1.Ceramic: Most of the wash basins we see are made of ceramic to ensure durability and strength. But nowadays, other materials are getting popular gradually.

2. Acrylic: Though it does not have the strength of ceramic, it can help you achieve the aesthetic excellence that the ceramic cannot reach. However, the manufacturers use acrylic material for tabletop wash basins because of the strength issue.

3. Stainless Steel: This is the cheapest option among all three variants. It is also lightweight and used widely in kitchen space.

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In this segment, we will discuss the categories of the wash basin keeping our focus on its design. 

  • Pedestal Wash Basin

It is the most common type of wash basin we see every day. These wash basins come with a pedestal. If you are looking for this wash basin, you will only get products made of ceramic. 

This variety contains a rack bolt hole so that you can fix it on the wall. The function of the pedestal is to conceal the water drain. You can go ahead with this design if you want to hide your drainage system from the public. 

Pedestal wash basins are usually of two types: 

a) Wash Basin with Full Pedestal: Here, you get a full pedestal that supports the coloured wash basin from below. Even though the wash basin is attached to the wall, it also gets support from the pedestal. 

b) Wash Basin with Half Pedestal: These wash basins have rack bolt holes where you can attach them to the wall using screws. There will be a pedestal, but it will not go all the way to the floor. Instead, the pedestal will stay attached to the wall.

  • Integrated Pedestal Basin

It is a new variety that we will introduce now. You may have never come across this because it is yet to become widespread. This wash basin comes in a single model, so you will not get a wash basin and the pedestal separately. Due to the unconventional structure of this model, you may face challenges while installing this particular product. Integrated washbasin comes in wall-mounted and floor-mounted models that resemble half pedestal and full pedestal designs, respectively.

  • Wall Hung Designer Wash Basin

This floating wash basin with no pedestal will contribute to creating an interesting look in your bathroom. Since screws have to bear the weight to attach this wash basin to the wall, these usually come in smaller sizes. The reason being the inability of the screws to hang the wash basin in the wall for a long time. 

  • Corner Wash Basin

This is a variant of the designer wall hung wash basin, mostly seen in the hotel bathrooms. This wash basin has its corner attached to the wall, and that’s where the corner wash basin got its name from. It saves your space in the bathroom or any other area you are installing.

  • Table Top or Cabinet Wash basin

The bottom of this wash basin is flat. Therefore, you can put it on any flat surface like a shelf, cabinet, or table. This basin does not have any bolt hole, so you cannot attach it to the wall and need to place the basin on any other accessory.

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  • Sink
    This wash basin is particularly used in kitchens or laboratories. One crucial point of the sink design is it has no facility to attach water taps of bolt holes for wall attachment. The depth of the sink generally varies from 150 mm to 500 mm. If you are looking for a coloured wash basin, a sink is not an option for you. Since the manufacturers mostly use stainless steel to produce the sinks, these are available in steel colour. Sinks for use in labs are small in size, while kitchen sinks are bigger and made of Fine Fire Clay.

Counter Wash Basin
As the name suggests, this designer wash basin is attached to a hole in a counter. Usually seen in the hotels and restaurants, these wash basins are available in oval / circular / square or rectangular shape. It has a rim that offers support for attaching the slab in the counter hole.
Sometimes the rim is visible, and often, you will not see it for being hidden under the counter.

2 in 1 Wash Basin
It is not a separate category of the wash basin. It is just a title given to any wash basin that combines features of two different varieties. For example, if a tabletop wash basin has a rack bolt hole, it can be fitted on the wall as wall hung basins.


1. What is the Vitreous Wash Basin?
This kind of ceramic wash basin is produced using a particular type of ceramic material.
95% of wash basins manufactured in the sanitary ware industry have vitreous china as their raw material.


Now that you have read this blog, you have a pretty good idea about all types of designer wash basin based on material and design. Whether you want to get a white or coloured wash basin, Mozio is the right place to get it. The renowned ceramic sanitary ware producer offers a variety of wash basins for home, office, and other places, like restaurants and airports.

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