Top 5 Ways To Choose The Suitable Western Toilet Seats

Top 5 Ways To Choose The Suitable Western Toilet Seats

Modernization is an inevitable part of civilization. The toilets have greatly evolved since their invention. There is a global trend of using western toilet seats, even in Asian countries. But while choosing a toilet for home or office complexes, you need to consider a few things. This blog will suggest ways to select the right kind of toilet seat.


You may want to choose western toilet seats for your new home or office or replace the existing one during renovation. Then, consider the following criteria to know which one is the most suitable for you.


The most crucial point to consider while buying a western toilet is its style. The western-style toilet seats are available in various styles, such as:

a) One-piece Toilets: As the name suggests, its commode and water tank come in the attached design. Its tank is joined to the seat, and therefore, you get a single unit to install. You can easily clean this toilet. One added benefit of this toilet seat is it has very little space for germ accumulation.

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b) Two-piece Toilets: In the early days, western toilets used to come in two pieces: one high toilet and a chain-pull tank hung at an unusual height. You will hardly find these models in the present time. Nowadays, two-piece western toilet seats have a seat base, and a tank attaches with a single seam.

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c) Wall-mounted Toilets: This contemporary model comes with a tank you have to install inside the wall. That is why you need thicker walls for installing these toilets. However, cleaning and maintenance of these oilers can be difficult.
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2. Toilet Flush

The Flushing system is an integral part of all western toilet seats. Your preferred type of flushing system will determine the kind of western toilet you want. As people are getting more and more conscious about water conservation, flushing technology has evolved dramatically in the last few years. Here are some common types of flushing system you get to see with western toilet seats:

a) Dual-flush Toilet: This type of flush comes with two buttons that activate the small and large flush. The small one will release 3 litres of water, while the large flush will release 6 litres. With this, you do not have to waste gallons of water when you need a moderate amount of water. 

b) Interruptible Flush: This cistern usually has only one button that releases the water from a single flush. But the good thing is, you can stop the water any time you want by pressing the same button again.

c) Pressure Assist Toilet Flush: this system utilizes a water-line pressure for flushing. Some of it has a fit-in device to use air pressure for generating additional force for the flushing purpose.

3. Bowl Type

Western toilet seat bowls are available in three different shapes: elongated, round and square. The first two are common, while the square-shaped one is gradually becoming popular.

a) Elongated Toilet Bowl: This name is given to the toilet that comes with an oval-shaped bowl. These are a bit longer than the round toilets. Even though it is often costlier than the other varieties, many people consider it the most comfortable toilet. Usually, these toilets are 18.5 inches in height.

b) Round Toilet Bowl: This is the toilet seat that you will find everywhere. Its height is 16.5 inches and takes less space than the other two types of toilets. It is also highly-popular as it is lower than the oval-shaped toilets and offers better space utilization.

c) Square Toilet Bowl: This western toilet seat is neither round nor oval. In terms of length, these bowls are larger than the average toilets. Hence, you get more comfort while using this western toilet seat.

4. Space and Rough-In Space

Space is another vital factor you have to consider while choosing the toilet seat. If you have a little area to accommodate the toilet, the wall hung seat will be the perfect one. As the cistern is hidden inside the wall, only the toilet bowl and flush plate are visible. This toilet seat takes less space than the traditional toilets and offers a sleek look to your bathroom.

By measuring the rough-in space, you can understand whether the toilet you chose will fit into the bathroom. The rough-in size of floor-mount toilet seats is measured from the wall to the floor area where the bolts will be installed. Though the standard rough-in size is 12 inches, It can range from 10 to 14 inches.

5. Height

In western toilet seats, height is a crucial factor because you need to sit on them as you sit on a chair. Standard toilet heights measure 15 to 16 inches from floor to seat top, which should measure around 14 – 15.5 inches without the seat. This height is perfect for people of short and average height. It is even suitable for the kids.

If you need the toilet for differently-abled people or people with leg pain, you need to get Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant toilets. From the bowl to the seat, its height is 17 to 19 inches.

To calculate the height accurately, you need to measure from the floor to the top part of the toilet seat. While measuring a person’s height, make sure they wear regular footwear and sit on a chair with the knees placed in the correct posture.


A toilet seat is an essential component of a bathroom in terms of functionality and design. Using the ideal toilet is a healthy practice. Mozio brings you a wide range of western toilet seats in both floors mounted and wall-hung designs. You get more than enough options to choose from our website, available in circular, rectangular and oval shape.

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