Top Bathroom Trends of 2021 You Must Implement including Bathroom Vanity and bathroom Wash Basin

Top Bathroom Trends of 2021 You Must Implement including Bathroom Vanity and bathroom Wash Basin

In the past few years, the bathrooms transformed from a place of extreme necessity to an aesthetic corner of the home. More and more people are interested in installing vanity of various designs and colours for a modish look.

By incorporating these bathroom trends of 2021, you can make a bathroom vanity the star performer of bathroom aesthetic. Here, you will get some incredible bathroom wash basin ideas that will complement the bathroom designs..


  1. Floating Vanities

Let’s admit it. The moment you saw that floating beauty in the hotel, you decided to own that during your next home revamp. Now is the time to make it yours forever, as the wall mounted wash basin is the hottest trend of 2021. It allows you sufficient space underneath and freedom to clean it without any difficulty.

The good news for you is, the latest bathroom vanity units offer more tailoring options than ever before.  The units come with a complete set these days with a storage base.

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2. Medicine Cabinets and Bright Mirrors
New mirror installation is an obligatory ritual during every master bathroom renovation, and people these days are opting for lighted mirrors. No doubt that this trend will have an impact on new mirror installation too. The back-lit light of mirrors will provide a reflection without any extra glare.

It also creates an impression of a floating mirror that goes hand in hand with the floating wash basin. Additionally, medicine cabinets behind the mirror are enjoying booming popularity.

3. Quartz Countertops
Three-fourth of the designers are choosing quartz as their favourite mineral for countertops. Why? Besides being one of the sturdiest natural materials, it has high resistance against scratching and staining. Quartz is also easy to clean and does not harbour any bacteria due to its non-porous surface.

Quartz countertops with lighter finishes are gaining a foothold and will become a strong trend in the near future. With people leaning towards the organic trends, a combination of other elements like Silestone with Quartz will offer a marble and cement finish.

4. Wood-Look Tiles
Thanks to their versatile character, porcelain and ceramic are the top-ranking materials for flooring and bathroom wash basin. These tiles are easy to maintain and totally moisture & bacteria resistant. At the same time, you can add a variety to your bathroom floor by getting wood-look tiles

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Though it will seem like wood, it is a ceramic tile with the finish of wooden texture. This design takes its inspiration from nature and offers an organic look inside your urban bathroom.

  1. Inclusion of IoT

If you think that you have seen enough smart devices and IoT in the last few years, think again. IoT is here to stay and will stay in trend for some good years.

The bathrooms of 2021 will give more room to smart devices like Bluetooth control ceiling lights and speakers. You can stream the audio from your phone to the speaker of your bathroom to make the long showers more enjoyable.

  1. Colourful Bathroom Wash Basin

A jolly colour can brighten up your mood like nothing else. Hence, it is not a bad idea to design the bathroom in a way that can instantly elevate your mood. Colourful basins are trending in 2021, and you can choose from zesty orange, bright green, or sunshine yellow for your bathroom.

To highlight the bright colour scheme, you can add a towel set of matching or contrasting colour. For the wow factor, complement your wash basin with a matte black tap.

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  1. Vintage & Sleek Bathroom Fittings

As they say it — vintage styles are never outdated. They are always in trend and recently made a comeback in 2021. The bathroom fitting designs like antique brass will return this year. You can also consider shiny tiles to complement the fittings.

You will also have the option to choose from acrylic, fibreglass, and ceramic fittings for a skeel and classy look. To have the touch of versatility in the ambience, use a large mirror with wooden or steel frames.

  1. Focus on Sustainability

Sustainability and the environment are getting massive attention from interior designers from all over the world. They are getting interested in generating innovative ideas that incorporate natural material, texture and shapes.

The trendiest way to include sustainability is to ensure sensible use of water. From tapware to the hydrant to stopcock — everything gets special attention to conserve this natural resource consciously.

  1. Use of Muted Colors

Needless to say that the neutral colours like white and grey are widely used in bathroom interiors, including in the bathroom wash basin. However, 2021 will be the year of experiment where the colours will play a crucial role. Hence, you will see a surge in the use of muted colours in the bathroom vanity. 

Muted colours are neither bright nor dull. These calm, gentle, and subtle colours have highly saturated tones. Some of the common muted colours include dusty rose, light terracotta, hazelnut, organic red, midnight blue, ocean blue, sage green, etc. These will bring a distinctive character to your bathroom.

  1. Artistic Wash Basin

When it comes to playing with the bathroom attributes for an incredible appearance, the wash basin is equally crucial as the toilet and bathtub. Interior designing largely depends on the modern wash basins to add a touch of grace to the decor outlook.

The contemporary models of bathroom vanity have features like staggering finishes, unorthodox materials, and astonishing silhouettes. More companies are experimenting with the shape and size of the vanity. You will get more of it in the upcoming days.


Bathroom wash basin trends are always evolving. Follow our guideline to stay trendy all the time. Another way to keep up with the trends is to check Mozio. You can always find the most happening bathroom vanity units here.

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